Why you should have a clean heating system?

central heating system cleaningAt McQueen Heating we recognise how important it is to have a clean heating system for your boiler to work alongside, whether it be an old or a new boiler.

The main reason for your heating system to not be clean is a build-up of ‘sludge’ within it. This is due to a corrosion build-up caused by aerated water travelling through your radiators which will break away at the metal within the radiator and cause it to travel throughout the system. Over time, this may get worse, causing blockages and restrictions within boilers, which can lead the boiler to breakdown because the components will struggle to function correctly.

Always remember that when a boiler is developed and tested this is with clean water. So no manufacturer will truly know how long the boiler will work once the water has been contaminated, nor how long the components will last. It is then no surprise that the majority of boiler repairs we attend are sludge/water quality related. This will rapidly reduce the output in heat from your radiators (i.e cold spots) where the sludge has formed at the bottom of the radiator and in some cases allows only 50% of the radiator to heat.

There are many ways to help your system though if you should have sludge related issues, power flushing, chemical heating flushes, magnacleanse heating flushes and mains flushing are all proven methods of removing sludge plus improving water quality. Cleaning chemicals will also be a massive help in all of these processes as they will help break down stubborn build-ups of sludge allowing them to be removed easier when flushing. The installation of a magnetic system filter is also a great piece of protection kit for your boiler although it does not stop sludge from forming it will stop it entering your boiler providing it is cleaned out annually when having your boiler serviced.

When installing new boilers across Glasgow we always make sure to clean the existing systems out as best as we can to keep them in line with manufacturers guidelines. If the system is not cleaned properly then manufacturers will have the opportunity to void your new boiler’s long warranty which will, in turn, leave you with a possible large repair bill and questioning the company you chose to install your new boiler. 

At McQueen Heating we make sure you should never find yourself in this situation by always flushing our installations and showing our customers the results of this. Please contact us for all boiler-related issues and we would be happy to advise on the most cost-effective options for your home.