Central Heating Clarkston And Boilers Service

Our gas certified central heating engineers have the necessary skill and experience to carry out a central heating installation in Clarkston or a boiler installation in Clarkston.

Why A New Central Heating Installation?

Your old central heating system will be less efficient so you will be likely to be wasting energy when turning on the heating. This means your property will not be as warm and that your heating bills are likely to increase. This is because we install the latest central heating systems to ensure that no heat is wasted.

The central heating installations we carry out are meant to last whether it is a brand new installation or an upgrade to a new system. That is we use copper piping for increased efficiency and offer a variety of radiators to meet all your needs so that no room goes without heating.

Bear in mind any central heating installation we carry out in the Clarkston area is under warranty so you can get in touch with us if something goes wrong.  This means we are hand to service or maintain your new heating system.

Call now on 0141 374 0277 to speak to one of our boiler experts. Alternatively, email us at [email protected].