Power Flush Glasgow

Why use McQueen Heating for a professional power flush?

Power Flush Glasgow – We provide a professional and personal boiler service in Glasgow, ensuring customer relations a the top of our priority list. We also have great 5 star reviews from Google, Facebook, Rated People & MyBuilder

What is a power flush?

Most boiler breakdown call outs are because dirt and sludge have built up in your boiler system. A power flush is a cleansing process for your central heating system and removes any deposits like rust or debris inside of pipes. It can cause serious issues to your central heating system if these deposits are left inside. It can also cause your boiler and radiators to not give out enough heat or even cause your boiler to stop working completely. A power flush cleanses your system of sludge, which prevents blockages and your central heating works more efficiently. 

What are some of the common symptoms of needing a power flush?

  • Noisy boiler & radiators
  • Leaking radiators
  • Cold patches on your radiators
  • Central heating takes longer than it should to warm up
  • Radiators not getting warm, even when the boiler is turned on
  • When you bleed a radiator no water escapes
  • Water is discoloured when you bleed a radiator

What can a power flush do for your central heating system?

  • Extend the life of your boiler
  • Make your boiler work more efficiently
  • Save you money on your heating bills
  • Reduce boiler repairs & breakdowns

We can give a rough guide price without attending your property based on the information we receive but a site visit would be required to assess the issues and advise on the best most cost effective ways of resolving the problems within your system.

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