New Boiler Installation/Relocation Glasgow

glasgow boiler installation

Our customer had originally contacted us to discuss replacing their existing combi boiler which was located in an upstairs bedroom cupboard, they also enquired whether it would be possible to relocate the boiler to a different area of their home. We made a suggestion that the attic could be a possibility for the new location providing there would be certain measures in place. When having a boiler fitted in your attic you must ensure that the attic floor is boarded and that there is also permanent lighting there, a boiler should not be fitted there until these measures are in place. This was already done on this occasion, the next thing is to check for a suitable flue route which for us was going vertically through the pitched roof within the attic.

When we realised this was feasible we offered our customer 3 boiler options with different manufacturers and warranties. From this they opted to go with a Baxi 830 combination boiler which came with a 10 year parts & labour warranty, they also chose a Honeywell Lyric thermostat which allows them to control their heating via an app. From initial contact we then returned 1 week later upon acceptance of the quote to carry out the new boiler installation. This was a large job over 2 days and required 2 engineers, an electrician and a roofer to install the new pitched roof flashing for the vertical flue. As their current boiler was still working we installed the new boiler in its new position but managed to leave the current boiler operational overnight so they would not go without heating/hot water throughout the works. This also allowed us to chemically clean out the system on the first day by using the existing boiler, this inturn gives the brand new boiler a clean system to work alongside maximising the efficiency of their system. 

Our customer was delighted with the final results and were delighted with our efforts and attention to detail throughout the whole process.