Boiler Paisley: Central Heating Installation

Paisley Boiler Installation

This week’s boiler installation in Paisley was carried out over 4 days. The homeowners contacted us about removing an air source heat pump system that was not installed correctly. This central heating system was already in their home before they had purchased it but needed moving.

These are generally good systems and save on energy consumption when installed correctly. The customer had gone through lots of options to try to get the system working but didn’t manage to. That is why they decided to go back to gas. However, due to the current space restrictions, we had a partition wall taken away to allow access for this new installation. This was no issue with our customer and they had future renovations planned for there basement.

Additionally, we had a specialist company in on the first day to safely remove and decommission the outdoor units which contain refrigeration gases.

New Boiler Installation

How The Boiler Installation Unfolded

This home had 4 different levels comprising 2 main bathrooms, 1 en-suite and over 15 radiators. That’s why we recommended an Atag 32kw system boiler combined with a low loss header and external pump.

We recommended this type of boiler because it helps with circulation throughout the heating system. What’s more, all Atag boilers come with a 10-year manufacturers warranty and lifetime replacement guarantee on their main heat exchanger. Those are the features we think make it the best boiler on the market.

The previous central heating system had an unvented hot water cylinder of around 210 litres but during the installation of their new boiler, we upgraded this to 300 litres. This greatly increased hot water storage and meant there would be no issues with using all bathroom/kitchen outlets simultaneously.

All in all, this was a great boiler job to be involved in. If you want more information boiler installations in the Paisley area, get in touch with us.

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Client’s Words:

“David and his colleagues have worked this week to strip out an unsuitable heating system we had and install a new system boiler in its place. They worked diligently and were reliable, turning up when they said they would be there and keeping me informed when I needed to be. The amount charged at the end of the job was as quoted at the outset and I would have no hesitation in recommending McQueen Heating. Thanks for your hard work, David!”

Mrs McCaffery, Paisley