Boiler Installation in Rutherglen

New Boiler Installation - Rutherglen

We had found 2 minor repairs with our customers existing boiler, thye chose to put this money towards a new boiler with smart controls which would lead to them saving money and gaining a 12 year warranty for their new boiler.

As always we gave our customer a few different options regarding which boiler would best suit them and their home. They opted to go for one of our premium options and choose Ideal Boilers ‘Vogue Max’ which comes with a massive 12 year warranty. They also wanted to be able to control there heating from there phone by installing a smart thermostat. We had a few options again to choose from and decided that a Google Nest would be the best choice, this will also help to monitor there homes desired temperature which will also improve their energy consumption.

While there we also had to carry out a large gas upgrade to ensure the new boiler had the correct gas pressure to safely operate. As with all jobs the system was cleaned and flushed out to ensure the new boiler had a clean system to work with.

Another happy customer with there new boiler installation from McQueen Heating Ltd.